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Welcome to the Omersa website where we aim to delight you with our wonderful hand made leather animal footstools and desk top accessories.

Omersa and Company is known throughout the world for its collection of handmade leather animal footstools and desk top accessories – the Omersa Collection. The first leather pig was made in England in 1927 and sold through Liberty’s of London, where they can still be found today. Our animals have been exported to the USA since the 1960’s where they continue to have a significant following and today can be found across the world in selected department stores.

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We received great stuff today on Christmas date. We appreciate your business very much. Takuya(7 years old) is ready to be shipped back to Omersa in UK. We will visit you someday in the future.…
- Kazuyoshi Ihara
Today ‚notre petit cochon‘ arrived -in perfect manner ! Swiss custom duty made me pay 85 francs. In older times you called that ‚highwayman‘… But it is worth every penny and the dogs (…) are…
- Maxi Zurkinden
When my family and I moved from the US to London last spring, I discovered your animals Liberty and quickly I announced to my family that the pig was tops on my 40th birthday (May…
- J. Shoemaker, London
Finally I've received my desired second little pig, I meant to have something durable and unique for my little 2 month son Elio. I'm in love with your handcraft and, when I'll have a 30 mins of quiet I'll send you the whole story of why, in the meanwhile here it is: Elio seems to enjoy a lot.
- Edoardo Quaglia
I received the order today. It is absolutely beautiful. The workmanship is outstanding. I cannot wait to give my daughter and her husband their anniversary present.
- Susan Poff, USA
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Recent FAQs

Do people collect the animals?

The animals are becoming increasingly sought after particularly older pieces that carry the “Liberty of London” stamp. The product has been exported to the USA since the 1960’s, when they were sold through Abercrombie & Fitch. They can be found in house sales, auction sites, antique dealers all over the world.  Some of our customers have quite a collection!  One elderly pig made over £800 at a Sotheby’s Stately Homes auction.

Do people give them names?

Yes! Our owners love to give their animal a name.  “Cornelius the Elephant” –  “Ronald the Rhinoceros” – “Babe the Pig” – “Henrietta the Hippo”

The name of your animal can be recorded on the Owners Database for posterity!

Do the leather animals make good presents?

Yes, wonderful.  They are ideal as wedding and special anniversary presents. They have a particular appeal for men so make a difficult present easy!  Children, of course, love to play on them and they become a very special part of childhood. Many of our customers remember playing on them in childhood whilst visiting a relative and at last purchase one of their own!

How long will the animals last?

We make the animals to last a very long time; we want them to be a part of your family.  We often have elderly animals returned for new ears or tails, a re-stain and polish, in readiness for the next generation.

How do I keep my animal in good condition?

Keep you animal away from direct sunlight as this will cause the colour to fade. Please also keep water/liquid away from the animal as these can cause marks. Leather does not like heat either so do not keep too near a sitting room fire or radiator.

We highly recommend the regular use of NIKWAX Waterproofing Wax. This product keeps the leather in excellent condition and waterproofs against water damage. It can be purchased through our On Line shop.

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