Old Friends

This page has been set up to post pictures of old animals with, where available, their dates of birth. The purpose of the page is to help owners identify the age of their animal, particularly when purchased second hand. As you will see, the shapes have changed somewhat over the years!

The original Omersa and Co leather pig

The oldest piece we have a picture of is a pig dated 1931. One of “Old Bill’s” originals!

Omersa and Co Original Leather Pig

The pig is Harvard University’s mascot and was very popular with visiting Americans.

The elephant was the first new animal to be produced by Dimitri Omersa for Liberty’s. Ellie is a much-loved family elephant purchased in the early 60’. The back of her ear is embossed with “LIBERTY OF LONDON”.

The donkey followed on from the elephant. Mr Omersa entered the donkey in a crafts exhibition in Sacremento, California in 1963 and won a gold medal!

The donkey was closely followed by the leather rhinoceros which became the best seller in the range. Today the hippo heads the top spot closely followed by the rhino!

The American market became increasingly interested in the product and requests for bulls and bears, symbolising the stock market, were made. Abercrombie and Fitch stocked the animals for many years (60’s-80’s) whilst it was a successful department store.


Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue 1963

The below picture was taken by American Vogue in the 60’s of Edie Sedgewick, the muse of Andy Warhol, standing on the back of our “Superking” leather rhino. The scene was recently recreated in the film “Factory Girl” starring Sienna Miller.

Omersa and Co Leather Superking Rhino in American Vogue

In 1974, a “golden” lion was commissioned by an Arabian Prince. It was available in this colour until the mid-1980’s. Today the lion is available in our trademark mahogany brown only.

Omersa and Co LeatherGolden Lion circa 1974

Mrs Omersa designed the Staffordshire dog in 1976.

Omersa and Co Leather Staffordshire Dog circa 1974