Instructions for reattaching eyes

  1. Thread up long needle with string provided and pass needle through punched hole on stem of eye.
  2. Undo string from needle. Pass both ends of string through eye of needle.
  3. Push needle through right hand eye hole and come out through opposite eye hole.
  4. Pull on string to tighten the eye into eye hole gently pushing leather stem on back of eye into hole with small screwdriver.
  5. De thread needle on opposite side.
  6. Attach one end of string to second eye (through punched hole on stem). Tie string to eye stem leaving a tail end of approx 2 inches.
  7. Pull on string not attached to 2nd eye. This action will pull 2nd eye into place in the eye hole. Pull tightly and push in leather stem as in 4. above
  8. Once both eyes are firmly in place, tie off loose end of string against 2”tail end of the first piece. Trim ends (leaving approx 2 inches) and push excess string with a small screwdriver gently in to back of eye hole.

NOTE: if the eyes have worked their way loose and have not actually fallen out, you need to find the 2 ends of string attached to the eye on the LHS (facing the animal). It is most likely the knot has worked its way loose. You simply need to find the ends of string and pull on them to bring the eyes back in to position.

NOTE: if do not have a long needle, suggested options are – a BBQ meat skewer, piece of stiff wire with end bent over (to make the eye), perhaps a knitting needle if can tie string around one end without it coming off!