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We are able to personalise a piece by machine stitching initials onto the animal.

The charge is £5 per initial. It is recommended that a maximum of 4 initials are used due to space restrictions.

Please enter the initials you require in the Comments Box on the order form. Pay for the number of initials requested.

In most cases it is best to stitch on the underbelly. If you have a preferred alternative, please contact us to discuss.

Thank you.


Excluding delivery and VAT

Miniature Mouse Key Ring

This leather mouse key ring has been made from off cuts of the leather we use to make our animals. The leather has been left unstained and is wax polished only.

The eyes and whiskers are attached by hand using waxed thread.

Dimensions: approx 9cm in length, 5cm in height and 0.5mm in thickness.

A great little gift!

Excluding delivery and VAT

Replacement Tail/Pair of Ears

We can supply a replacement tail, pair of ears etc for your animal.

The cost is £10 per tail and per pair of ears. So if you need both, you will be ordering x2 items

It is best to send a picture first of your animal so we can confirm with you the type and size of replacement parts you need. You can then specify this size in the comments box on the order.

PLease note that we use cowhide leather today which has quite a smooth texture. We cannot “rough” it up to blend in with old/worn leather.

It is recommeded if you are acrrying out a restoration project that you also purchase 250ml brown stain and a tube of nikwax. This will help blend in the colour of the animal with the new pieces. The Nikwax would be applied at the final stage once all sewing/colouring has been completed and is great for the leather.

Excluding delivery and VAT

Nikwax waterproofing liquid wax

This liquid wax is a revolutionary new product from Nikwax. It is a brilliant waterproofing wax that can be used on either wet or dry leather (used for walking boots etc). Its fast acting, deeply penetrative ingredients add water repellancy, reduce water absorption and maintain breathability. Its also revives the appearance of leather and maintains its suppleness. It comes in a handy tube with a sponge. Apply with the sponge provided or if prefer stick to tradition and rub in with a soft cloth.

Excluding delivery and VAT

Eyes, pair of

Replacement pair of eyes with string. For instructions as to how to insert them, please refer to “Animal Hospital – Instructions for Eyes”.

Excluding delivery and VAT

Permanent Stain – 250ml

Permanent stain can be used to cover over water stains, scuff marks or to restain your faded animal . It needs to be applied sparingly and with care. After application, it is recommended you apply a coat of liquid waterproofing nikwax to nourish and revive the leather.

Supplied in a plastic bottle with screw cap.

Excluding delivery and VAT

Permanent Stain 500ml

This stain can be used to re stain your animal where the animal has suffered damage from the knocks and bashes of life or from sunlight and water. To apply sparingly and with care. This quantity is enough to do a complete animal. It is highly recommended you purchase the Liquid Nikwax to nourish the leather after re staining.

Excluding delivery and VAT