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Leather Rhinoceros

Our animals are generally MADE TO ORDER. We hold limited stock. Please allow 5-6 weeks for manufacture to avoid disappointment.

Super King


  • Code: AFR/0201
  • Dimentions (mm): 1800(L) x 465(W) x 860(H)
  • Weight: Approx 40KG

Our super king leather rhinoceros is a truly magnificent animal. At 6 feet long, he is something the whole family can sit on! A real collectors item – these “big boys” are made on a limited basis only and require the skills of our most experienced staff.

The animal is made from full grain cowhide leather which is supported by a substantial metal and wooden frame designed to take the weight of adults.


Excluding delivery and VAT



  • Code: AFR/0202
  • Dimentions (mm): 1120(L) x 310(W) x 560(H)
  • Weight: Approx 14KG

This large leather rhinoceros is 4 feet long and so is very useful for extra seating at parties! There is a sturdy metal and wooden frames inside the rhino to give it strength and weight. Woodwool is packed tightly around the frame to give the animal its shape. This size of piece can only be made by our more experienced staff.


There is an iconic photo taken by American Vogue in the 1960’s of  Edie Sedgewick (muse of Andy Warhol) standing on one our super king rhinos.

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  • Code: AFR/0203
  • Dimentions (mm): 830(L) x 280(W) x 460(H)
  • Weight: Approx 9KG

This sized leather rhinoceros (approximately) was originally developed in the 1960’s by Dimitri Omersa as a “LIBERTY” exclusive. The word “LIBERTY” can be found embossed on the inside of an ear of these older pieces.

The animal is made from our trade mark cowhide leather. We usually cut the pattern from the neck end of the hide where there are natural markings that give the rhino good character. The panels of leather are top stitched to give a good effect.

This size makes a good footstool or occasional seat.

Excluding delivery and VAT



  • Code: AFR/0204
  • Dimentions (mm): 640(L) x 200(W) x 370(H)
  • Weight: Approx 5KG

Our standard leather Rhinoceros is a more compact sized footstool or small occasional seat. But no less of a conversation piece!

Excluding delivery and VAT



  • Code: AFR/0205
  • Dimentions (mm): 520(L) x 180(W) x 310(H)
  • Weight: Approx 4KG

We couldn’t resist adding this small leather rhinoceros to the range in 2000.

This size is slightly too small to be used as a comfortable footstool or occasional seat. However, it is still constructed around a metal and wooden frame which gives it great strength and rigidity. Can be used as a doorstop or simply as a quirky home decoration.

Excluding delivery and VAT



  • Code: AFR/0206
  • Dimentions (mm): 290(L) x 110(W) x 150(H)
  • Weight: Approx 1.50KG

Our desktop version of the leather rhinoceros was introduced to the range in the early 1990’s. Makes a very useful and unusual gift.

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