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Over the years the animals have gained popularity as collectibles in this world of disposable items. We are often asked to age or confirm the provenance of older pieces which we do to the best of our ability using built-up product knowledge but unfortunately, historic records are limited.

In the past (no longer in existence)there have been two other european manufacturers of leather animals which look very similar to the Omersa product. There are subtle differences between them and usually we can identify whether an animal is an Omersa original or not. In 2017 we introduced an OMERSA badge which is sewn onto the underbelly of the animal to provide permanent authentication of our product.

When you set up an account and make a purchase via our online shop your account is automatically updated with the date and details of the animal purchased. These details are held on record for you to refer back to. They also enable the online shop to quote a 5% discount for repeat purchases.

You can go into your account and update your purchase with the name given to your animal. You can also “ADD” any animals you own but which have not been purchased directly from Omersa. See below.

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The Benefits

Repeat Discount

Repeat purchases made directly through our online shop attract a 5% repeat purchase discount

Priority Notification

Priority notification of new products at offer rates

Ownership Record

Ownership record and date of purchase held by Omersa

Exclusive Offers

Seasonal offers only available to registered members

When you order an item through the Omersa online shop, your order details are recorded under your account and the Owners Database is updated for the purchase. A picture is shown of the animal you have purchased within your account. You are welcome to give your animal a date of birth ie when it was first received by you and a name.

Gifted items – if you have gifted a purchase, you are able to transfer ownership. Select the EDIT button which will bring up the option to TRANSFER. Enter the email address of the person you have gifted the animal to. The recipient will receive an email asking them if they wish to accept the transfer. If the recipient does not have an account already set up within the Omersa system with this email address, they will receive an email asking them to set up an account and accept the transfer.

Members of the Owners Club who have purchased directly from Omersa in the past are entitled to a 5% repeat purchase discount. This will be automatically given when re-ordering through the online shop using your original account. If for some reason the discount is not given and you are a repeat customer, please contact us.

If you have purchased one of our animals through a retailer, auction house, gift, source unknown, etc you are welcome to record your purchase. You will need to open an account with Omersa first and then register your animals.

In many instances, the date of birth is not known – particularly if inherited, gifted, etc. The date of birth can be left blank, but it is better if a date estimate can be given. You are welcome to send a picture to us to try and make an educated guess for you!