Omersa Auction

The Omersa animal has many admirers all over the world. Many of our owners love to collect older pieces and add to their existing collections.

Owners contact us from time to time with pieces they wish to sell. We are piloting the set up this page where we will post pictures of animals that are “for sale”.

If you have an animal you wish to sell, please email us ( with your details and a clear picture of the animal you wish to sell. We will post the picture to this page. Any interested purchasers should email us and we will pass on the email to the seller. Information exchange can then take place between the two parties. We can always arrange for the animal to be re-stained, waxed etc before dispatch and arrange the postage.

We would like to know what price animals do end up trading for so we can build up a profile and be able to provide more accurate price guidelines in the future.


DONKEY 1960’s

Donkey, named Rocinante after Don Quijote’s horse(!), originally purchased in the 1960’s in the USA, presumed Abercrombie and Fitch. The donkey subsequently moved with the family to Holland and then on to Tenerife to enjoy the Winter sun and where he still resides today.

Measurements: Length 65cm, Height 45cm

Condition: good condition with the exception of a small “scar” on one of the front legs caused by a toy train! There is some wear on the ears, top of mane and tail area.


Please contact us if interested and we will pass on your details to the current owner.


One of Mr Omersa’s earlier pieces bought from Liberty’s in the winter of 1968 by a Catalan visitor to the UK as a thank you present. “Frederico” has remained in the family home ever since and has been much loved and admired by many a visitor.  He is in very good condition having never been used as a footstool. There is a LIBERTY stamp on an ear. Similar in size to our current day medium sized bull, L 27″ x W12″ x H 20″.


Please contact us if interested and we will pass your details on to the current owner.


1. Now sold – off to live in the USA! A lovely little donkey for sale, circa 1960’s – 70’s. The full history is not known.

donkeyforsale donkeyforsale3 donkeyforsale4

He is in lovely condition with just a few rubs and marks which the owner is sure could be polished out. He is about 48 cm long by 28 cm high.

2. SOLD! Bulldog, circa 1963. One owner bought new from the workshop in Hitchin. In excellent condition.  Gone to a new home in Eastbourne!

Dimensions: Length  700mm      Width  289mm at shoulders      Height (to the tip of ears)  510mm      This is the same sizing as the MEDIUM sized bulldog we make today.

bulldog2 bulldog4 bulldog6


2.  SOLD! The elephant is going to a new home in Italy and the donkey moves to Germany!

A customer has two fabulous Liberty of London Omersa vintage animals in need of a new loving owner. The donkey & the elephant. They have a lovely patina & have been well used. They look absolutely fabulous as they are with the worn look.

The donkey and elephant were the first 2 new animals to be added to the collection by Mr Omersa (after the pig). They are the mascots of the Republican and Democratic parties in the USA. Mr Omersa took the animals to the USA in the early 1960’s and won a gold medal at the Sacramento State Fair in 1963!

Liberty donkey and elephantCrabtreeJPG


3. SOLD! This lovely old pig moves to new owners here in the UK

We have been asked to advertise a lovely 1964 Liberty pig purchased by the current owner for her father as a birthday gift in 1964! The pig is in extremely good condition and has the Liberty logo embossed on the underneath of the ear.

The dimensions of the pig are:  Height – 31cm (38cm with tail!!)  Width –  63cm   Length – 48cm

1964 Liberty Pig

1964 Liberty Pig

1964 Liberty Pig

1964 Liberty Pig

1964 Liberty Pig

1964 Liberty Pig




Any interested parties should in the first instance contact Omersa at and we will pass your enquiry on to the owner. Negotiations can then take place between the two parties.


UPDATE 10th November 2014
This gorgeous donkey has been SOLD and is off to live in TAIWAN.

The donkey below is for sale due to a house move. The donkey was purchased in 1966 from Liberty where it had been used in a window display. This donkey was first introduced in 1963 when Mr Omersa took it to the USA and exhibited it at the California State Fair, Sacramento where it won a Gold Medal!