Over 90 years of experience in making quality handmade leather animals…

All our products are designed exclusively by Omersa and Company and are made to order at our two workshops in Lincolnshire, England. We have a small team of craftsmen who are trained up on site in the art of making leather animals! We strive to remain true to the original methods of production and standards of craftsmanship and offer you a product of excellence. 

As the product is hand made our production continues to be limited. We make mainly to order  so there is generally a waiting period between placing an order and dispatch, typically of 4-6 weeks. We are happy to accommodate more urgent deadlines where we can.

New styles have been added to our range over time and today we can offer 39 animals each in a variety of sizes. There is one to suit every occasion!

Our animals can be bought via our on line shop and at a select few department stores across the world.


The Omersa animal is all about the story…

One of the joys of working with the animals are the stories we hear from our customers. They feature in stories of past childhood memories, marriage proposals,  wedding days, what i spent my first pay cheque on, decorating our home …..

This was beautifully illustrated recently when an old rhino “Ralph” was featured on the BBC’s The Repair Shop (Series 4; episode 2). The owner had seen the animals being made as a little girl and had always wanted one. To her great surprise her mother gave her “Ralph” the rhino  on her 18th birthday. Her mother passed away shortly afterwards and Ralph is a reminder of the last birthday she had together with her mother. 

If you are an owner of an Omersa animal, you are welcome to register your ownership on our Owners Club. Please select the Owners Club tab and follow the ADD + button.

We have received many animals over the years for repairs and some TLC. Owners become very attached to their animals and want to keep them in the family. We appreciate the special meaning and memories our animals have and are sympathetic to requests to make repairs. Please refer to our Animal Hospital should you be interested in this service.

A customer relayed the story of when he first moved to New Zealand as a newly qualified doctor with a suitcase and his treasured leather pig tucked under his arm given to him by his parents as a 21st gift! Many years later he contacted us to order a pig for his daughters 21st thus continuing the tradition.

We have told many stories of childhood memories playing with an Omersa animal when visiting a grandmother,aunt etc and finally being able to purchase one of their own!

There has been the guest invited to Xmas dinner who arrived with a leather bull tucked under his arm and presented it as a gift to his hosts. Toro the bull!

We have several families who contact us every time a new child/grandchild is born into the family. Each new addition is given an Omersa animal to accompany them through life.

Another favourite tradition is to give an Omersa animal as a wedding gift to family members. We have several families where this is an unbroken tradition.

There have been many bemused wives who have received a leather animal for Xmas from a very pleased husband! Hopefully they become converted!