Animal Hospital

Repair Service

You will not be surprised to learn that in the years since 1927, there have been many calls on our expertise to replace torn tails, ears, lost eyes etc to well worn and loved animals. As well as repairs, we can re-stain and re-wax your animal giving it a whole new lease of life-fit for another 30 years companionship! We love to see “Old Friends” and return them to their families in a better state of health.

The cost of a basic re stain and wax polish varies between £35 – £75 + VAT depending upon the size of the animal. This cost EXCLUDES the cost of postage.

Should your animal require more extensive repairs, it is very helpful if you can send through photos of the damaged areas. We will assess what work is needed/possible  and provide a quote by email.

Alternatively, you can purchase materials to re stain and wax polish your animal with our care products.

Looking After Your Animal

To keep your animal in the best of condition, may we suggest the following tips:

  1. Keep your animal out of direct sunlight and or direct heat. The sunlight will fade the stain and heat will dry out the leather and cause it to become brittle.
  2. Keep your animal dry and away from water. We use a water-soluble stain on our animals and this can be damaged by direct contact with water.
  3. Dust and wax your animal on a regular basis. The animal should be polished with a good quality wax polish. DO NOT USE any spray or liquid polish. These types of polish contain chemicals, which damage the water-soluble stain. We use “Nikwax Waterproofing Wax” which can be purchased from our Online shop or hiking shops. The wax is used for waterproofing walking boots etc. Any similar product will do. In the early life of your animal apply wax monthly – this will help seal in the stain and minimize water damage. Warm the wax slightly so it is soft and apply to the animal with a soft cloth. Leave to dry and buff up to a shine. Thereafter, apply wax on occasion to keep the leather in good condition.

How to return your animal to us for repair

  1. Pack your animal carefully in a box and send it to us at the postal address given under contacts.
  2. Please include a letter with your name, address and contact telephone number and an idea of what you would like doing to your animal.
  3. We will contact you to confirm what we are able to do and a quote for the work. You can contact us before sending to get a idea of the cost of repair but please note that this will only be a estimate – it is often difficult to tell until we see the animal. No work will take place until approval is given and please allow 6-8 weeks for the work to be done.
  4. After settlement of the account, we will return the animal to you!