Nikwax waterproofing wax

Our leather has not been “finished” with a top protective coat. The leather has been left in its natural state allowing it to show the wear and tear of life as it ages. We highly recommend the regular application of this cream wax to keep the leather in good condition, provide water repellancy and polish out scuff marks.


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This fast acting, deeply penetrative cream wax formulated by Nikwax UK provides the leather with nourishment and excellent waterproofing properties. It keeps the leather supple, prevents water damage to the leather and is very good for polishing out scuff marks. We highly recommend this product for use on our animals. Apply every 6 weeks or so.

Instructions: Apply a small amount of polish to a soft dry cloth. Apply to the leather in small overlapping circles (start with the underbelly and work up). Some colour may come off on the cloth with initial applications. This is not unexpected and will cease as the stain settles into the leather. Leave the wax to harden off then buff up to a shine. Use the wax impregnated cloth to dust down your animal from time to time.

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Leather is a natural product and like our own skin needs looking after.

To keep your animal in the best of health for a long and happy life, we suggest the following care tips:

  • Dust and apply a coat of NIKWAX Waterproofing Wax regularly (say every 6 weeks). DO NOT USE any spray or liquid polish as these will strip the colour
  • Keep your animal dry and away from water. Regular coats of NIKWAX will help waterproof your animal against water damage
  • Keep your animal out of direct sunlight and or direct heat to prevent the leather from drying out
  • Supervise very young children playing with an animal. They like to put tails, ears, etc in their mouth and the stain may come off. NOTE: the stain is NON-TOXIC
  • The product is designed primarily as a decorative item for the home. It is NOT built to furniture standards and the internal frame will only stand a certain amount of rough play!

If the colour of your animal does fade and you would like to darken up, you can purchase a bottle of 250ML Stain – Mahogany Brown to apply. To get the best results, Nikwax waterproof liquid wax should be applied after re-staining. Both products can be found under Care and Other Products.