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Leather Galapagos Turtle

Our animals are generally MADE TO ORDER. We hold limited stock. Please allow 5-6 weeks for manufacture to avoid disappointment.


Galapagos Turtle

  • Code: GAL/7102
  • Dimentions (mm): 950(L) x 760(W) x 350(H)
  • Weight: Approx 11KG

This leather Galapagos turtle is a substantial piece of furniture – makes an ideal pouffe, not easily overlooked! The “shell” is made from a patchwork of leather and once stained and polished gives a lovely tortoiseshell effect.

A separate quote is required for delivery outside of the UK mainland. The actual weight of the piece is approximately 11kg but the packed box is too large for delivery through the postal system. Please contact us should you require this service.

Excluding delivery and VAT


Galapagos Turtle

  • Code: GAL/7103
  • Dimentions (mm): 810(L) x 690(W) x 200(H)
  • Weight: Approx 8KG

This is a smaller version of our large leather Galapagos turtle. Sturdy and large enough to be used as a pouffe or low footrest. The “shell” is made from a patchwork of leather pieces which once stained and polished give a magnificent tortoiseshell effect.

Excluding delivery and VAT