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Leather Labrador

Our animals are generally MADE TO ORDER. We hold limited stock. Please allow 5-6 weeks for manufacture to avoid disappointment.



  • Code: CAN/3503
  • Dimentions (mm): 660(L) x 270(W) x 570(H)
  • Weight: Approx 8.5KG

The “daddy” of our leather Labrador family. Originally introduced in the mid 1980’s. Wears a very attractive tan collar (NO LONGER with silver studs). Suitable to be used as either a footstool or occasional seat.

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  • Code: CAN/3505
  • Dimentions (mm): 490(L) x 180(W) x 350(H)
  • Weight: Approx 3.5KG

The “mum” of our leather Labrador family. First introduced in 2003. This size is robust in structure however it is slightly small to be used as comfortable footstool; it is best suited as a delightful decorative accessory. Comes with a beautifully made tan dog collar with silver studs.

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  • Code: CAN/3506
  • Dimentions (mm): 270(L) x 90(W) x 200(H)
  • Weight: Approx 1.5KG

Our desk top version of the leather Labrador was introduced in 2003. Your slippers should be safe with this playful puppy! Now available with a beautifully made tan collar – no longer with studs!

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